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domenica 25 gennaio 2009

To Good to be TRUE? FREE Personalized Design

By the time you finish reading every word of this page, you will know how to create a perfect theme for weddings, childbirths, birthdays and reunions.

While planning for any of these events chances are you possess one of the following challenges:

• You’re unsure how to capture everything possible for your event.

• Creating your own themed design for your event can be expensive or take creative talent you don’t have or find difficult to execute.

• Other resources are limited in what can and can’t be done in promoting the theme for your event.

Let’s face it–everyone wants their event to be special.

Now you have a new resource to eliminate these problems.Discover how to create your theme for any of these events with your very own NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN.

See how it all works with a step-by-step example.

Step 1:

Start out by reviewing our designs (marks) at If you don’t choose one of our current designs, you can fill out the form at To start the process for a NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN. to help brand the upcoming event.

Step 2:

Once Marked Event has the completed form we will follow up by phone call or e-mail determining personal style—We will find out likes and dislikes important to you for your upcoming event, so we can get a start on your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN. Once we have a clear direction, Marked Event will present three design options for consideration and review. (A $500 VALUE) We will need some feedback to identify which design direction you like. Once we receive additional feedback we will make any additional revisions you request on this round of deliverables in creating your


Step 3:

Once you have approved and selected your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN, Marked Event will require that you purchase only one of our products to use with your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN. Purchases can include any of over 600 favors or printed products including invitations, announcements or note cards. So at the start of the design process we will require a 50% deposit on the product of choice and collect the rest upon agreeing to your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN. If we are not able to come to an agreement on your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN we will REFUND YOUR FULL DEPOSIT. You have nothing to loose, so get started now select your products at Once you’ve selected your product(s) fill in the form at to start the first step for your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN.

See How the Kaplan’s took Advantage of this offer!

The Kaplan’s were planning for their wedding at Atlanta’s Botanical Gardens. They wanted a stylish Design (MARK) that juxtaposed their monogram with a playful floral motif. We took this information and created three distinctly different custom Designs (MARK) based on a conversation about their wedding theme, colors, style, likes and dislikes.

From these three unique designs, The Kaplan’s explained to us what they liked from the initial designs. With this information we fine tuned some areas and presented three more Designs (MARKS) as seen below.

The Kaplan’s selected the Design (MARK) below! Allowing them to choose from over 600 products to brand their very stylish, tropical wedding with their own personalized Design (MARK).

Why are we doing this?

It’s simple really. We are trying to bribe you with an incredible NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN offer in hopes that you might see the value of working with us in the future. Pretty straight forward don’t you think? We know that you are skeptical, wary and don’t believe in something for nothing. But this really is something for nothing. This is a no cost offer for your own personalized design. The only cost is that you select at least one product to use with your design that will truly enhance your event. If you don’t want to invest in personalizing your event then this offer probably isn’t for you.

Clearly you begin to understand why you can’t afford to waste any more time so act today to secure your NO COST PERSONALIZED DESIGN.

Click here for more information!


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